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About Us

About Us - Get To Know Immunotea

Immunotea is a family owned business started by United States Air Force Veterans. The company focuses on natural immunity boosting elderberry products like Elderberry Tea & Elderberry Syrup Mix. We use only 100% organic ingredients and all products are made by hand in the USA.

The Hopkins Family Story

Michelle Hopkins (co-founder) is a medical provider during the day, and an amazing mother to her son Jameson (mini-founder) by night. Tyler Hopkins (co-founder) is a stay-at-home Father by day, and digital marketer by night. This company was created out of a necessity when Michelle started buying elderberry syrup mix for $35 a bag. The product worked as expected but the lack of instructions and steep price caused us to keep looking around for other options.

After getting frustrated with our options, Tyler decided to source the ingredients himself. He found a great source of 100% organic ingredients and formulated a recipe to help boost the immune system. After using our Elderberry Syrup on a daily basis, we decided to add another product that will help people boost their immune system. This product is our Elderberry Tea and has quickly become our #1 seller. Since our ImmunoTEA became so popular, we decided to formulate another much requested tea without caffeine. This products is called Elderberry SleepyTea. This tea comes with all the amazing immunity boosting ingredients perfect for those relaxing evenings before bed.

If you want to connect with us more, join our social media pages below 👇

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Immunotea

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Immunotea

Reach out to us with questions: Immunotea@gmail.com

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