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Elderberry Holiday Box

Product image 1Elderberry Holiday Box
Product image 2Elderberry Holiday Box
Product image 3Elderberry Holiday Box
Product image 4Elderberry Holiday Box
Product image 5Elderberry Holiday Box

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Do you have friends and family members who are hard to shop for? This gift box was designed to solve that problem. Most likely this person will appreciate something that will boost their immune systems in a time like this.

All of our teas come with immunity-boosting ingredients and are 100% organic. Each bag comes with 1 ounce of loose leaf tea which makes ~15 cups of tea:)

The Elderberry Syrup & Teabox comes with that same 5 1oz teas along with 2 packages of our elderberry syrup mix. This syrup is super each to make and will yield about 40+ ounces.

Learn more about our Elderberry Teas:

Green Tea: This tea is great for a little energy boost with immunity-boosting benefits.

Sleepy Tea: This tea is great for helping you relax before bed with immunity-boosting benefits.

Peppermint TummyTea: This tea is used to help settle an upset stomach while boosting your immune system.

Pumpkin Spiced Tea: The pumpkin spice adds a nice seasonal flavor to our immunity-boosting green tea. 

Elderflower Tea: This tea will help clear your sinus while boosting your immune system.

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